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Fellow Buddhist Chaplains have written the following articles or have had articles written about them. We thank them for their compassionate work and for sharing their wisdom with us.

Chaplain Robert Chodo Campbell, "A Key That May Unlock the Door of the Mind"

Chaplain Annie Clay, "Reflection on the Baptism Ritual"

Chaplain Judith Seicho Fleischman, Going Forth:  On Music as Transformational Prayer

The Rev. Trudi Jinpu Hirsch, "A Buddhist CPE Supervisor, Explores CPE From a Buddhist Perspective"

Chaplain Tom Kilts, "A Prophetic Opportunity for Buddhists"

Chaplain Jennifer Mancini: An Interview by Janet Keyes

Chaplain Mikel Monnett, "Developing a Buddhist Approach to Pastoral Care: A Peacemakerís View" 

Rev. Jose M. Tirado, "Buddhism and CPE:  Concerns and Contributions

Kobai Scott Whitney, "All the Hungry Spirits:  Diet and Dogma in Contemporary Buddhism"

Maria Wasner, Christine Longaker, Marin Johannes Fegg and Gian Domenico Borasio, "Effects of Spiritual Care Training for Palliative Care Professionals"

Chaplain David Zuniga, "Buddhist Monk is First Westerner Ordained in Korean Order"

If you would like to write an article for this section please send the electronic copy to Lori@buddhistchaplainsnetwork.org.

Thank you.



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